The Desai family

Hi! We are Sam and Kajal the face of Illusionphotovideo. We have two children Bhavisha aged 12 and Davina aged 10. Bhavisha joins Sam on some shoots during her summer holidays as she loves selfies and is always taking selfies. Davina is Sam’s lighting assistant for model/fashion shoots. Watching them grow is incredible…time goes by so fast and we only have our photos/videos of them growing to strengthen the memories held in our minds.

This puts the whole capturing that day to last forever in perspective as these memories will live on even beyond our years.

We are a husband and wife team dedicated to bringing all of our skills to your big day. From my ability to take pretty pictures in a car park . We provide a hands on service to help ensure that your day flows smoothly, taking it upon ourselves whenever possible to assit with any problems that may arise. Wedding photography and videogrpahy is about so much more than just the end result! Therefore, making The photos, the videos, the albums an important part of the day to ensure that Yesterday’s memories Today’s love Tomorrow’s dreams are captured so you can relive those precious moments time and time again.

Kajal and I firmly believe that wedding Photography & Cinematography should be an integral part of a wedding day. This means that we provide a hands-on experience before, during and after your wedding. In need of some advice on what make up would look good both in your photographs ? Drop us an email! Need someone to do something for you on the wedding morning but there’s not a bridesmaid in sight? Kajal has her bag of magic which can include anything from hairspray to eyelash glue and even the needle and thread! Can’t decide on what pictures should make it into your album? Let us design a draft for you! If there’s something you need help with but just don’t know who to ask, try me and I’ll see if we can figure it out for you. we basically want to be that family we wish we had on my own wedding day without stressing the family out!

We feel so blessed to be doing what we love for a living and getting to share that passion as a team. Although be aware we do get quite competitive in getting the best from your day. It does add fun excitement and extra creativeness to your memories.

Our life; our world

Our style

Gone are the days when it was just ‘look at the camera and smile’ moment. Wedding days are about so much more than that and with the advancement of technology we are now able to document one of the most important days of your lives in detail like never before. Our memories can only do so much as time passes, which means that your wedding memories actually increase in value as you get further away from your day. This means it is very important to find the right team who understands how important the whole experience is and who works in a way that speaks to you. If you’re a good match with your team, your wedding day becomes that much easier.

Our work is a reflection of our couples. We love to capture your personality your story. Our aim is to get your vision of your day captured through our eyes giving you beautiful and full of every emotion images to last you a lifetime The beauty of our job is getting an insight into your lives; capturing the love, laughter and happy tears. We want you to relive every single one of those emotions in the images and videos that you receive back.

Sharp captures that are true to the eye and genuinely reflect the realness of the event.

We most often than not form a strong relationship with our couples, keeping in touch years beyond the wedding day. It is so important to get on with your wedding team because they are the people you will spend the most time with you on your day.

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