Dealing with postponing a wedding during Covid – 19

June 01, 2020

2020!!!! What a start to the year!!! In an ideal world normally I would be saying what a year it has been, I have done 5-10 weddings a few wedding fairs another handful of pre-shoots however, this is not what reality is for this wedding season.
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Covid-19! We are being quarantined at home, unable to do the basic things like meeting friends for a coffee or seeing our parents for dinner, even shopping for groceries is now a learning how to be patient and ration.
With us being in the wedding industry, we have actually been hit quite hard and not only as suppliers but also our couples who have worked so hard to plan every little detail of their big day only to be told that it will not go ahead and to either book another date later in the year or plan a date for next year.
A lot of our couples are doing just that, If your family and friends attending your wedding is more important to you, and you don’t want to wait to be married, you could consider having a small ceremony outside, as that will likely be possible over the summer. Live streaming your event is also another option and then maybe plan something bigger when this all clears up.
No matter what you decide a few things that we think you should consider

1.Be organised – no matter when you decide to plan your wedding try to stay organised. The use of spreadsheets and notes helps keep thing into perspective and both the B & G should have access to it using Excel spreadsheets or Apps such as Trello can help.

2.Speak to your suppliers – Have contact with your suppliers to ensure that you are updating them with your decisions. Most suppliers will try and accommodate you if you decide to move dates however there may be times when the supplier may not due to clashes, but rest assured each supplier will try their hardest to accommodate

3.Communication is KEY – this is a difficult time with so much up in the air and uncertainty therefore if you are stressed or worried, there is a strong chance that your partner is also in the same boat. Talk it out and ensure you are getting the virtual dates in as you are in this together, lots of facetime maybe send little gifts in the post. Guys every lady loves to receive flowers and Girls maybe send him his favourite drink or, why not order a takeaway for each other and then set up the call and have dinner online


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