Marrying Mum & Dad

April 13, 2020

When the kids want to part of their parents wedding who will they call??? Watching Marry Mum & Dad Shetal's kids decided that they also wanted to be part of this...
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Shetal called us back in March with a very sweet message. ‘My kids want to see Mummy and Daddy get married’ Inspired by the tv show Marrying Mum and Dad Shetal’s beautiful children decided that they also wanted to be part of this, and see their parents get married.
In a small intimate back garden wedding Shetal & Ronak tied the knot again in front of their beautiful children and close family and friends. The priest Arjunbhai Pandit made sure that the ceremony had the children participating in all the important parts from the tying of the kanyadan to the fun of koda kodi.
It was such a pleasure to capture this special wedding where all family present were part of the wedding.

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