Planning a wedding during Covid – 19

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June 09, 2020

Planning a wedding can take time using the time we have at home while in lockdown, to do lots of research and virtual meetings may actually help and narrow down your choices or you may even find something you were not even looking for.
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Couples that were thinking of using 2020 to plan their wedding, still use this time to do that. We know that you are not physically able to get out and check out venues or sample the caterer’s food but use this time in a different way. Most suppliers are still finding alternative ways to communicate whether it be via a zoom call or a take away service or just plain talking this is the first step to you planning an amazing wedding.

When we were planning our wedding somewhat 14 years ago 😉 we found a few things helped us and we hope that this helps you

1.Give yourselves a budget – Most couples we speak to don’t usually have an idea of what they will be spending but take time and think realistically what you can afford to spend and plan that way. Even fairy-tale weddings can happen on a budget

2.Make a list – I find making a list always helps me remember what I am needing such as your list may read – Venues, caterers, photographer, outfits etc. This will them help you expand on from there. i.e. with venues make a list of the venues you want to see or caterers you want to speak to

3.Research – There are many resources out there such as Facebook, Pinterest’s and Instagram that will give you ideas and help you decide what your theme maybe

4.Virtual Meetings – Most suppliers are still doing online consultations. Book in a meeting as this will help you check out peoples work and give you ideas of what is required or get you quotes to enable you to plan your budget

5.Speak to family & friends who have recently got married to see and ask for recommendations. Also speak to the couples to see what worked for them and what to avoid. Was there something they wish they had such as a wedding planner or someone who did live painting

6.Lastly have fun…. Planning a wedding is hard and full of compromise may it be with your partner or the family but remember it is your day and you do have a say in the matter. I’m not sure if you are a Friend’s lover but allow yourselves so many ‘VETOs’, maybe put things to a vote if you are having trouble deciding or if all fails bin the idea and pick again

Good luck to you all no matter what you decide, these are hard times but as the saying goes ‘we will come out stronger’ We will get married whether its 2020 or 2022…….


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